See Something, Say Something

I am sure you are aware of all of the shootings around Columbus – so sad.  I am sure you all do this, however it never hurts to remind us all ,that No matter where you are, if you see something that just doesn’t look right, then say something.

I do believe that it is the responsibility of citizens to say something if they see something.  The police can’t be everywhere, so please do what you can to make our neighborhood, our city a better place to live.

If you ever have any questions/concerns give me a call.

Pat Wood, 614-406-4829

Know a Family in Sharon Woods who could use some assistance?

It’s that time of year where organizations do their best to help others.

The Beechcroft Lions provides a christmas dinner and a Meijer’s gift certificate.  They have received a couple of name from local churches however they still have funds to assist another family.
If you know of someone in Sharon Woods who could use a little extra help please get in touch with Roger Heckel @ 614-882-6245 or
Deadline is December 18th at the latest, delivery on December 23rd. 

“Missy 12/8/17 Update

This was her first week attending kindergarten and here is the message I received from her grandmother.  After spending a little time with Missy, I am not surprised.  She will do great.

 Very well … it has taken a toll on her she has been going to bed every night before 8….  She is really happy and is adapting well to school. She is making a lot of friends as well.

Thanks for caring and thinking of her.

City of Columbus Winter Preparedness Update

For Immediate Release                                                       

Dec. 8, 2017

Jeff Ortega, office (614) 645-5181, mobile: (614) 373-1501

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2017-2018 City of Columbus Winter Preparedness Update


The Department of Public Service is preparing for possible snow and ice this coming weekend.

The city of Columbus Snow Warriors have been performing anti-ice functions throughout the city in preparation for the possibility of light accumulation and falling temperatures over the weekend. City crews began anti-icing efforts earlier this week and will continue as the weather allows. Currently the Department of Public Service has 85 trucks ready to be put into service, as needed, and has approximately 30,000 tons of salt on hand.

  • Anti-icing is the proactive applying of products to roadways before a snow & ice  event. Anti-icing helps prevent snow and ice from bonding to pavement, allowing workers to clear the roads more easily. Anti-icing can create safer winter conditions and is a more cost-effective alternative to de-icing. Managers cannot rely on one method for de-icing and anti-icing because each chemical and storm is different.

Once the snow falls, be sure to go to to see what city streets have been serviced in the past 72 hours and to check the priority level of your street.


For all those who have decorated their homes please be sure to have your lights illuminated this weekend as the preliminary judging will be done between Friday night and Sunday night. Then the final judging by the Beechcroft Lions Club will be done on Tuesday December 12th so all homes that are nominated should make sure their lights are on that evening between 7 pm & 10 pm.

Thank you for helping make our neighborhood look so festive!

A Thank You from Missy’s Grandparent’s

We would to THANK EVERYONE for all the generous out pour of thought and love for our granddaughter.  She is doing very well and is very very happy.  She would like to THANK EVERYONE for all the clothes, shoes and toys.  We would like to THANK EVERYONE for the money as well, it came in handy for some other things for our granddaughter.

   She is so excited for Christmas she said she has never had a tree or Santa didn’t bring here but only 3 gifts.  My grandson told her that it will be different this year, he said i promise, we have a Tree and Santa comes to our house…
   You all are great people, no you all are wonderful people to do all this for a little girl that you do not know, but she really appreciates it and we do too.
   Again THANK YOU…we can not say it enough.

Update on “Missy”


I have had the pleasure to take two loads of clothing to Missy over the last 2 weeks.  She is such a happy little girl and gets so excited looking through everything.  I believe she is pretty well set for school, which she starts next week.  Missy is such a polite and beautiful little girl and I plan on keeping in touch.

We have had many from the neighborhood donate money & clothing and we have had other friends from the city who heard about Missy.

Thank you, Pat Wood