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Possible Mobile Drug Deals


The Columbus Police have asked us to watch out for mobile drug sales in our neighborhood.  Drug transactions have moved from street corners and front porches to cars in almost every neighborhood.


  1. A vehicle parked occupied by one or more individuals.
  2.  These individuals will appear to wait for someone  and never exit their vehicle. Vehicles will be non flashy vehicles.
  3. There will be a second car with one or more individuals and they will drive by the buyers, who will then follow behind the dealer’s vehicle.  The dealer will drive around in the neighborhood until he feels it’s safe to stop. The dealer will then pull over as will the buyer and an individual from the buyers’ vehicle will enter into the dealer’s. Sometimes the deal will be conducted at that location. Typically, the dealer will drive around some more, conducting the transaction and stopping when it’s done.
  4. The buyer will return to his vehicle and they will drive away.

These deals are conducted quickly so please get as much detail as possible, esp. drivers license & vehicle type.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see a police car, they have their way of catching up with them.


  1. Get description of Both vehicles including license numbers.
  2. Get description of individuals
  3.  Call 645-4545 with description/location etc. of suspicious vehicle.
  4.   Let your Bw Coordinator, Pat Wood know.  I will intern keep data from all resIdents & follow up with CPD Liaison, Officer Geis.

Rev. 7/13 pw

Did You Know SWCA has Representation on Northland Development Committee?

Did you know that a SWCA member is on the NCC Development Committee?     This group of Civic Assoc. hears proposals for zoning changes within the Northland area.  They in turn make recommendations to Columbus City Council.  This group of persons/organizations are there to help protect the growth and integrity of the Northland Area.  SWCA member is Barbara Shepherd.

These meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month @  7:00 pm at the Northland Performing Arts Center, 4411 Tamarack Boulevard in the Northland Village complex & are open to the public.

(From This Week, written by Kevin Parks)


Vacant City Lot – Mow to Own Program

If your street has one of the “vacant” lots owned by the City of Columbus you may be interested in a way to purchase this lot esp. if it is adjacent to your property.   Please click on links below to see how you can own this property/pw
You can also go to our website at and click on applications. The application will answer all their questions. If you have any other questions, please call 645-5263.



Sharon Woods Civic Association
P.O. Box 297974
Columbus, OH 43229

                                                  Civic Assoc. Board

President:                                       John Kirkpatrick, 614-890-5417
Vice President:                              John Bright 614-208-1601
Secretary:                                       Vern Courtright, 614-891-7734
Treasurer:                                       Don Schneider, 614-882-6224


Barbara Bright, 1830 Dorsetshire Rd., 614-202-1315 (Editor)

Roger Heckel, 6169 Harrington Ct, 614-882-6245 (Development, Lions Club)

Scotty and Mary Kay Kuder, 6355 Johnanne St., 614-891-5004

Deonna Maiden, 1932 Rockdale Dr., 614-561-5510  (Membership, web site)

Cal McCall, 6680 Wallbridge St. 614-895-2572

Ted Messner, 1861 Red Fern Drive, 614-891-1197

Agnes Oladejo-Lawal, 6366 Faircrest Rd., 614-726-0178  (4th of July Parade)

John Osmond, 6083 Darby Lane, 614-901-9174

Char Schneider, 6450 Skywae Drive,614-882-6224

Marie Wallick, 1795 Laylon Dr. 614-259-1684

Rhonda Welker, 6334 Birkewood St. 614-865-0430

Tom Wetterer, 6090 Sandgate Road, 614-882-1714

Pat Wood, 1706 Parkgate Road, 614-406-4829   (Block Watch/Code Issues/Development back up, & Web Site)

Gatepost Editors:

Barbara Bright        –  (also SWCA Facebook host)

Ann Keane

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How to Use This Site

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