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Suspected Drug Deals & What to Do

I think we all know that drugs are causing every community, town and city a huge problem.  The most recent being the shooting & death of a person in the parking lot of the YMCA.

As a reminder, the following is the process in reporting suspicious drug activity, whether it be a suspected “drug house” or mobile drug deals.

Just a reminder CPD cannot always immediately act on our reports.  They need probable cause to stop a vehicle.   There is undercover work necessary if there is any hope of getting arrests made.  CPD can’t always immediately stop a vehicle however what they can do is follow up on our reports.  Here is what each of us can do and it has worked in the past so please let’s all do what we can.

Information needed:

*date & time
*description of individuals
*description of vehicle(s) color, make & most important the license
*if this is a suspected drug house, keep a note book for several days and write this information down and report it all at one time

How to Make a Report.

On Line:  You can go to and click on File Report & then complete the information
You can go to and click on 311 and follow the process to file a report.
Telephone:  Dial 645-4545 & one of the options is “file a report” – this is automated

Please call, text or e-mail me and I can get the info to our Liaison and I can also post on our web site, or send privately the vehicle descriptions to be watching for.   If you are registered on the web site you can click on “leave a Reply” on this message and your information comes directly to me and does not appear on the web site. or   614-406-4829

Remember, I do not give an address or an individual’s name – I will post as, as Street or “in the block of i.e. 1700 XX street)

If you aren’t registered on the web site and not sure if I have you e-mail, please send me the following information so I can add you to my “private” notification list.

Name – Address – telephone #

Thanks for all you do to help keep our community safe and beautiful.

City of Columbus Solicitation Code (Peddler Code)

Print the following cut it out and tape by your front door for reference:

City Peddler Code (523.01-523.99)
1.   All commercial sales persons (security systems/utility sales/landscaping/tree trimming etc. are    REQUIRED to have a Current Peddler Permit (523.02)
2.   This permit MUST be visible
3.   Permit MUST have the individual’s picture & Name
4.   Can ONLY operate/solicit between 9am & 6pm in a residential area. (523.14)


Exemptions: Religious Org./Scout Troops & other non-profits.

DO NOT ALLOW strangers into your home or give them personal information about yourself or your neighbors.   If they refuse to leave call CPD @ 645-4545.
City Code Columbus, OH
90 West Broad; Room 247
Columbus, OH 43215


“Raids Online” – see what’s happening in our neighborhood

Columbus Division of Police releases new online public crime mapping application.

Our commitment to the public is a top priority and keeping the public informed about crime in their area is another proactive approach to reducing crime in Columbus.  The Columbus Division of Police recently deployed a new public crime mapping application, marketed by Bair Analytics.  This is an internet based application called Raids-Online.  The web address is  The web link to this site has been added to the Columbus Division of Police home page located at  Information about Raids-Online-Columbus can also be found on the Division’s Twitter and Facebook pages.  Bair Analytics has been in business since 1997 and to date, they have nearly 50% of the largest U.S. law enforcement agencies utilizing their service.

Columbus citizens can log on to Raids-Online and view crime incidents on map, view hot spot maps of high crime areas, sex offender data, sign up for regular email notifications about crime in their area and forward anonymous tips about specific crimes in Columbus.  This site is replacing the previous application,  This free new service from Bair Analytics is saving Columbus taxpayers $2400.00 per year.  Raids-Online has a simple to use help function that will guide citizens in using the various features of the application.  Users simply log on to the site and select “Columbus” from the Ohio menu.  Users then select a date range they wish to search, select the appropriate crime type(s) and the map will display various icons.  Users can select the icon for addition information relating to that particular crime.  Users can sign up for regular email alerts defined by the user for specific geographic areas.  This site is also linked to our Central Ohio Crime Stoppers site.  Users simply select Submit an Anonymous Tip and the user will be redirected to the Crime Stoppers site.  Users can still submit crime tips directly through Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

In addition to the free online crime mapping service there are now dedicated mobile app’s available for both Apple and Android smart phones and devices.  These app’s are free and can be downloaded at the following sites:

For Apple:

For Android:

These new services make crime information available to Columbus citizens anytime, anywhere, 24-hours a day.