Monthly Archives: June 2014

A Message from CPD Re: Pan Handlers

Pan Handlers: Don’t roll down your windows, and don’t acknowledge them. Do not give them money. CPD Quotes “we are working Cleveland Ave. and 161 hard on this, but they’re everywhere right now. Even up at Polaris. We’re citing them.
 Call 645-4545 if you encounter this… unless they’re threatening or belligerent, that’s a 911 call.

Pan handling is not permitted anywhere. If they are aggressive or blocking people from walking we can remove them. If it is on private property like a restaurant the owners can kick them out and then get CPD involved, but they can also choose to allow it. In public areas/common areas, they have a right to be there unless they are being aggressive or have been lawfully ordered to leave.

Our nature is wanting to help others but maybe giving them money is not really the help they should receive. The pan handlers know the system, they know where the food banks are but they may be getting money to support a drinking or drug habit. Please consider helping in another way.

Solicitation Hours Have been Increased

The City solicitation hours have changed. Previously solicitation was to end at 6pm. That has now been increased to 8pm.

If you don’t like this change, I have to recommendations:

1. Place a no solicitation sign on your door or put No solicitation after 6pm for example.

2. Write or e-mail Zach Klein, Public Safety Chair with Columbus City Council and tell him you would like to see the hours go back to 6pm