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Running A Business Out of Your Home & the Code

Some residents have expressed concern about running a business in a private residence.   The following is the City Code which covers this.
Please refer to the code for complete details. & entering 3332.37 in the Search field.

3332.37 Home occupation.

The purpose of this section is to permit a home occupation as an accessory use if it is compatible with the residential character of the neighborhood in which it is located and is conducted so as not to have an adverse affect upon the average neighbor under normal circumstances; to set standards by which to judge the operation of such use; and to prohibit uses which are incompatible with permissible uses in residential districts. A home occupation may be an accessory use in any residential district subject to the following conditions:

A. Any home occupation use shall be confined to the principal residence of the individual so engaged; shall be excluded from any yard or accessory building; and, shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to the primary residential use.

B. No alteration shall be made in either the internal or external structural form of the residential building or the external appearance for purposes of any home occupation. The removal of partitions or floors, or parts thereof, shall be construed as an alteration of the external or internal structural form and is, therefore, prohibited.

C. No evidence of any home occupation shall be visible from off the lot where it is conducted

D. No more than 20 percent of the livable area of any residence shall be used for a home occupation.

E. No person other than a permanent resident of the dwelling shall be engaged in or employed at any home occupation within such dwelling except that in connection with the practice of a profession which can be practiced only with the assistance of supportive personnel, one person not residing in such dwelling unit may be so employed. Profession is limited herein to architect, attorney, clergyman, dentist, engineer, physician or surgeon.

F. No storage of equipment or materials used in a home occupation shall be outside the principal residence.

G No change shall be made in any utility line, meter or service to accommodate a home occupation and utility use shall not unreasonably exceed that normally or previously used at such residence.

H. No equipment or process shall be used in any home occupation which emits radiation or creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, or electrical interference detectable to the normal senses off the lot used for such home occupation. In the case of electrical interference, no equipment or process shall be used which creates visual or audible interference.

I. No traffic shall be generated by any home occupation unreasonably greater in volume or different in nature then would otherwise normally occur in the residential neighborhood in which it is located.

J. No wholesale or retail business shall be conducted in a dwelling unit.

If a resident wishes to report, what they feel, is a home business that is operating outside of this code, they should do so by calling 645-3111 or reporting on line @

Woman in White Ford SUV – asking for Money

6/30/14 @ approx. 8:30pm a resident was leaving the Good Shepherd parking lot and this same female asked him for money.  PLEASE GET LICENSE  # AND CALL POLICE.

6/27/14 @ 2pm on Staffordshire. A resident was standing in her garage and reports the following.

“She started talking to me from the distance. I couldn’t understand her because of the noise for the car. I assumed she needed directions. She was a white female. Probably in her 50’s and very obese with white bleach hair. I went up to the SUV and she started telling me about her poor mother in Ross County Hospital, she stated lengthy details. I asked her what she wanted from me. She said that her front window (on the passenger side) was extremely damage. She said she needed MONEY for gas. I reply: NO. and walked away. She sped off. Wasting gas.

This woman and another female has done this previously (see below) if you see these women call the CPD & please try to obtain the license plate #.

On May 8 (Thursday) a White 4 Door Explorer partial license # FTB (remainder twisted) was on Parkgate Rd & Highlawn asking for money.
2 white females
Age 20-35
The younger white female kept her face covered while the older female asked for cigarettes or money. She told residents they needed gas and that their mother had died this morning.

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY it would most likely be used to purchase drugs. I also learned that these same females have been at the Home the parking lot asking people for money. Their stories change so please if you see them call the 645-4545 and try to get a full license tag number.

I continue to remind folks to BE CAREFUL when hiring anyone to do any work. Be sure they have a license – You can see almost daily on the news where someone doing tree work esp. is taking money and not always completing the work.

NEVER allow strangers in your home. If you feel threatened call CPD.

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