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Grass Mowers for Sharon Woods

Grass Mowing List/Yard Clean-Up

We have a list of people who will mow your grass and do yard work. If you are going on vacation and need someone to mow your grass, consider calling from the list below. Perhaps you are getting older or recently had a surgery and need some help with your yard work. Cut this list out and keep it on your refrigerator or handy for future use. TIP: If you don’t hear from the first person you call, then call someone else on the list. Some of these folks have other jobs and can only do yard work on weekends and after work.

  •   Ron Ballard, 717‐372‐4688
  •   Jacob Deskins, 545‐8448 or 394‐7105
  •   Sidney Ferreira, 517‐3474
  •   Brandon Hally, 817‐6925
  •   Carl Howze, 895‐0001
  •   Trevor and Nigel Rich, 895‐9707