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Female in SUV asking for Money is Back

Yes, she is back in Sharon Woods.   She travels from community to community and she must be making some money.  She is driving a light colored SUV.

If she sees you outside she will stop and give you a “story”  – someone was in an accident etc.  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE HER MONEY please try and get the vehicle license # and then call 645-4545 (non emergency Police #) & report her.   We have a partial license # and have reported her.

She was on Parkgate on Sunday, June 29th and I am sure on several other streets.  The story was “her mother was hit & killed by a drunk driver & she has 6 kids at home and is pregnant and needs gas.”  – Please understand this woman is just trying to make some money.

How to File a Police Report

I think we all understand that the CPD can not respond to everyone’s calls.     We want them to be able to respond to the most serious calls & also be able to file our reports.   The following is how you can do this via the telephone and on line.

Please click the following to read how to file a report.

Online Police Report Guide – rev June 2015