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Be Ware of Some E-Mails asking you to “log in”

I received the following e-mail, however this information was presented inside a block, making it look like it was a card.  I knew that I had not tried to log into a Chase account so  I clicked beside the name it was from to see the address.  It showed the following name which is not from Chase.   I will file a complaint on the Attorney General’s  web site.

gram281@hughes.netn  Now does this look like someone from Chase – NO it does not so please DO NOT CLICK ON ANY E-MAILS LIKE THIS




Your password has been disabled

Your password has been entered incorrectly three times. For your security, we have disabled your password. 

To enable your password, please sign on and follow instructions 

Sign on to my account  >

We take your security seriously and want to keep you in the loop with important activity in your account. So, if something doesn’t look right or you weren’t aware of these changes, we are here to help.

Thank you for being a valued client.