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Please Join the Sharon Woods Civic Association!

It is that time of year when we are asking members to renew their membership or asking new people to join if they have not been a member in the past. It is a very simple way to support your neighborhood, and a very good deal ($12 annually or $10 for senior citizens).

Becoming a member does not mean you have to become involved in activities but we certainly welcome any and all of our neighbors to come to our monthly meetings (the first Thursday of each month, except in August & December). Or, better yet, we welcome any and all to become involved in the many great events each year. Plus, we always have fun and it is the best way to get to know your neighbors.

If you have not yet received the latest Gatepost newsletter (they are being hand-delivered by volunteers) you will receive it soon. Inside the newsletter is the application for membership, along with a pre-addressed envelope for return of the application with your check.

We would like to thank you for your support of this important organization – and we wish you all a great & safe summer!

Sharon Woods Civic Association


Channel 10 News Story on Reduced Crime in our Area

Just in case you missed the update on Channel 10 on May 8, 2017, the Route 161 hotel “clean up” set the standard for the rest of Columbus and many cities through the US – great Job by all those involved!

You will need to cut & paste the web site below to your browser in order to get to the news story:


It’s that time of the year again.  Let me remind you of the following:

  1.  If you do not want solicitation then put a sign on your front door.
  2. If you do get a knock on your door,& you are home be sure to answer your door, as you don’t want a stranger to think no one is home.    You can answer the knock without opening your door.  Either talk through the door or a window.  Tell them that you are not interested and anytime you feel threatened call the Police.
  3. Solicitors must have a license issued by the city.  Solicitors are to have their name tags clearly displayed. They can solicit up until 8pm. The following are exempt from having a license – schools, Scouts, & Churches.

Our Police Liaison, Officer Geis, stopped a solicitor today on Parkgate as he had no license.

Please call the non  emergency CPD # 614-645-4545 and give them a description and location of the person(s).

Additional Information on the 161 Safety Study

Below is an E-mail from the project manager with important links for you to learn more about the project, and to make comments. Our input with this is very important.

State Route 161 Public Meeting Documents – Public Meeting April 27th 2017

May 4, 2017

Dear Public Meeting Attendee,

Thank you for attending our public meeting on April 27th at DLZ’s Office regarding State Route 161 between I-71 and Cleveland Avenue! It was exciting to share the ideas generated during our safety study. There was a lot of great discussion as part of the open house as well as questions during the presentation.

One of the questions asked during the presentation regarded access to the public meeting documents outside of the public meeting. The public meeting materials have been uploaded to our website. These are located here:

In addition to documents at the public meeting, a 1-page word document was created titled “State Route 161 Corridor Study – Concept Descriptions”. This document provides a narrative description of the three long term alternatives included in the questionnaire. We are hoping this document will help clarify the proposed concepts included on the questionnaire.

If you did not fill out a hard copy of the Questionnaire, a digital form is located here:

If you need additional information or have questions, feel free to contact me.


Steve M. Schmidt

Project Manager, 50 West Gay Street, Columbus, OH 43215





Gatepost Delivery Volunteers Needed!

First, thank you to all who have volunteered to deliver the Gatepost in the past – and in the future! The delivery in May is especially important as part of our annual membership drive.

We expect to have the newsletters ready for delivery the weekend of May 13th & 14th. We would like them delivered by May 20th. If you can help we are in need of a few more people to deliver to the streets listed below.

If interested please contact Deonna Maiden either by E-mail at or by phone at 614-561-5510. Please indicate which streets you can take.

Thank you!

Ashtree Place – 14 homes

Brookhurst Avenue – 45 homes

Fairhaven Road – 29 homes

Falkirk Place – 8 homes

Keltonshire Avenue – 15 homes

Willowdale Court – 6 homes

Lakehill Court – 6 homes

Scottglen Court – 4 homes

12 Year Old Did It – You Can Too

Recently around Atterbury someone was stealing tires.  A 12 year old young man heard his parents talking about this.  Soon after he happened to see a truck, driving slowly and he ran into the house and retrieved his iPad, ran outside and took a picture of the truck.  This was then reported to CPD and this just happened to be the people who were stealing tires.

If a 12 year old can do it – then so can you.    Great Job.