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Beechcroft High School Threat

This has been confirmed but the schools are taking the necessary steps, as are other schools across the country, with additional officers on site in addition to the resource officers.

The article below is from Channel 10’s web site.

Police identify, charge suspect in Beechcroft High School threat


COLUMBUS — An 18-year-old student was arrested Sunday night after a social media threat was made against Beechcroft High School, according to Columbus police.

Police said the student, identified as Deandre Davon Fleming, 18, has been charged with inducing panic, a second-degree felony.

On Friday, the threat was discovered on social media at about 1:15 p.m. and indicated there would be an attack at the school on Monday.

The investigation was done by the Columbus Division of Police Counter Terrorism Unit, High School Resource Unit, and Ohio Bureau of Investigations Cyber Crimes Unit. Assistance also was provided by the Statewide Terrorism Analysis and Crime Center (STACC), Ohio Homeland Security Threat Assessment and Prevention Unit (TAP) and OSP Intel Unit.

The investigation resulted in probable cause to obtain a search warrant for the student’s home. The search warrant was executed by the Columbus Division of Police Counter Terrorism Unit and BCI with the assistance of the Columbus Division of Police SWAT Team on Sunday.

Detectives collected evidence of the crime and arrested Fleming.

The investigation continues.

Alpine to Hear Neighbor’s Concerns about Football League

UPDATE:  I understand the meeting went well however there was very low ordnance from residents around the school.    The folks from the little leagues were very willing to work on any concerns and they have shared contact information for any future concerns.  It was also determined that a group who was using the grounds DID NOT have permission from the school & that has yet to be resolved.  All in all I understand the meeting went well.


Many neighbors in/around Alpine have expressed concerns about the noise, litter, parking, practice schedule, etc. regarding the football/cheer league that used Alpine’s fields this past Fall.  It was a different league from previous years.

 Sharon Woods  trustees received numerous phone calls. These concerns were brought to the attention of Principal Peeples at Alpine.   She is very open to hearing the concerns and wants to keep a positive relationship with the neighborhood

Principal Peeples  is hosting a meeting at Alpine with a football league representative on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 6:30 p.m. to get input before making a decision to allow/not allow them to use the field again next season.  Everyone is welcome- the more the merrier!