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Volunteers Need for Tax Assistance

Volunteers Needed!
VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) needs your help.
VITA is a completely volunteer operation started over 30 years ago by the IRS to prepare federal and state income tax returns for low and moderate income individuals and families.  Your assistance to help would be greatly appreciated!  No knowledge of tax law is assumed!  Training will be provided and there is no liability on your part for tax returns you prepare.
The VITA site is at the Church of the Good Shepherd on Sharon Woods Blvd where it has been for a number of years.  If you are interested, please contact Ken Crawford at 614-891-0974 for additional information.  Thank you.
Last year we were able to assist over 500 individuals and families.  Without your assistance we will be unable to match this effort!

Alpine Elementary in need of Volunteer Crossing Guards

Alpine Elementary would like to have a volunteer or two to help with the afternoon crossing guard duties during the school year.

The school has both reflective gear and signs available for the volunteers.
The afternoon post begins at 3:20pm-3:50 or when there are no more students. (if you are picking up student’s this is something you could do while waiting on your kids.)
This is a great way to help in your community.
For additional information and interest please contact Greg at one ofthe following.
Greg Gammon
Vice President
Alpine Elementary PTO
(614) 266-8379

Comments Made to the Senate Civil Justice Committee

Thank you SWCA for allowing me to represent you before the Senate Civil Justice Committee on October 7th.  I spoke in support of  Senate Bill 201 which adds Violence to the current Nuisance Law. The us in this presentation was with a representative from Forrest Park, Officers Clinger & Geis & Asst. Prosecutor Bill Sperlazza.  This was the 2nd hearing for SB 201 and there should be 1 more hearing before a vote is taken to adopt this bill.


Re: SB 201- Civil Justice Committee

Mr. Chairman, Senators

Thank you for allowing us to stand before you today in support of SB 201.
My name is Patricia Wood and I have lived in Columbus since 1966 and specifically the Salem/Sharon Woods area for almost 40 years. I am currently a trustee on the Sharon Woods civic Assoc and the block watch coordinator.

I do have support from the SWCA to represent our community.

It is our opinion adding VIOLENCE to the Nuisance law is a “no brainer.”

Officers Clinger & Geis, Asst. Prosecutors Bill Sperlazza, Wes Phillips and many other city depth. have worked very hard these last 2-3 years to get the 161/71 hotel’s cleaned up. We are currently in a good place with some hotel owners now running a legitimate & clean business which will draw people & new businesses to our area and Columbus.

Our crime rate has significantly decreased since the closing of these hotels. This huge effort done by so many, has told the drug dealers and prostitutes that our community is not going to allow this kind of illegal activity.
One of the continued problems is VIOLENCE. We have had shootings, with the loss of a life at hotel’s, we have had shootings with loss of life at Bars. We have had shootings at Cabaret’s. We had a shooting outside of an “after hours club” at Karl & 161. The health club across the street was riddled with bullets breaking their windows while they had customers inside. Thank heavens no one lost their life.

If we want our communities to feel safe, to survive and grow and we want Columbus & the rest of Ohio citizens to feel safe in their homes, driving their car & we want visitors to experience the best of Columbus & our State then Violence Must be added to the nuisance law, it is a no brainer.

Thank you

Patricia Wood
Trustee & Block Watch Coordinator
Sharon Woods


Community Support Needed to Add Violence to Nuisance Law

Your support is needed by either writing or e-mailing your representative to support the following nuisance bill – or by attending the upcoming hearing (see below).   This is not a one party issue, it is an issue for Republicans, Democrats & Independents – so let’s get together as a community to support this bill.   The crime along the 161/I-71 area has significantly decreased because of the closing of the “bad” hotels – so let’s get this bill passed. This bill is so important for our community and the entire State of Ohio.  It will add violence, i.e. shootings & murders, to the nuisance law and in turn help to close places such as hotels, clubs etc. where such violence has occurred.

To contact the representative for our area here is the information & feel free to contact others.

David Leland, District 22, 77 South High Street, 10th Floor, Columbus, OH  43215

Phone: (614) 466-2473      Fax: (614) 719-6961  Reference HB 126

To send an E-mail go to this web site: also 

Senator Jim Hughes

1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor   614-466-5981

e-mail & click under his name.

Senator Jim Hughes, sponsor of this bill.  SB 201

Below are the details for the 1st hearing on this bill:

What: Senate Bill 201, Nuisance Law
When: Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015 at 2.30pm
Where: Ohio Statehouse
1 Capitol Square
Finance Hearing Room
Who: Anyone who is available please come to support this Bill. (I (Pat Wood) plan on attending & we need as many of you as possible to attend.   Thanks


131st General Assembly Regular Session


As Introduced

Senator Hughes Cosponsor: Senator Yuko


S. B. No. 201

To amend section 3767.01 of the Revised Code to 1 expand nuisance law to apply to any real 2 property, including vacant land, on which an 3 offense of violence has occurred or is 4 occurring. 5


Section 1. That section 3767.01 of the Revised Code be 6 amended to read as follows:

Sec. 3767.01. As used in all sections of the Revised Code 8 relating to nuisances:

(A) “Place” includes any building, erection, or place or 10 any separate part or portion thereof or the ground itself;

(B) “Person” includes any individual, corporation,  association, partnership, trustee, lessee, agent, or assignee;

(C) “Nuisance” means any of the following:

(1) That which is defined and declared by statutes to be a  nuisance;

(2) Any place in or upon which lewdness, assignation, or

S. B. No. 201 As Introduced

prostitution is conducted, permitted, continued, or exists, or
any place, in or upon which lewd, indecent, lascivious, or
obscene films or plate negatives, film or plate positives, films
designed to be projected on a screen for exhibition films, or
glass slides either in negative or positive form designed for
exhibition by projection on a screen, are photographed,
manufactured, developed, screened, exhibited, or otherwise
prepared or shown, and the personal property and contents used
in conducting and maintaining any such place for any such
purpose. This chapter shall not affect any newspaper, magazine,
or other publication entered as second class matter by the post-
office department.
      (3) Any room, house, building, boat, vehicle, structure,
or place where beer or intoxicating liquor is manufactured,
sold, bartered, possessed, or kept in violation of law and all
property kept and used in maintaining the same, and all property
designed for the unlawful manufacture of beer or intoxicating
liquor and beer or intoxicating liquor contained in the room,
house, building, boat, structure, or place, or the operation of
such a room, house, building, boat, structure, or place as
described in division (C)(3) of this section where the operation
of that place substantially interferes with public decency,
sobriety, peace, and good order. "Violation of law" includes,
but is not limited to, sales to any person under the legal
drinking age as prohibited in division (A) of section 4301.22 or
division (A) of section 4301.69 of the Revised Code and any
violation of section 2913.46 or 2925.03 of the Revised Code.
      (4) Any real property, including vacant land, on which an
offense of violence, as defined in section 2901.01 of the
Revised Code, has occurred or is occurring.