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Sharon Woods Civic Association
P.O. Box 297974
Columbus, OH 43229

                                                  Civic Assoc. Board

President:                                       John Kirkpatrick, 614-890-5417
Vice President:                              John Bright 614-208-1601
Secretary:                                       Vern Courtright, 614-891-7734
Treasurer:                                       Don Schneider, 614-882-6224


Barbara Bright, 1830 Dorsetshire Rd., 614-202-1315 (Editor)

Roger Heckel, 6169 Harrington Ct, 614-882-6245 (Development, Lions Club)

Scotty and Mary Kay Kuder, 6355 Johnanne St., 614-891-5004

Deonna Maiden, 1932 Rockdale Dr., 614-561-5510  (Membership, web site)

Cal McCall, 6680 Wallbridge St. 614-895-2572

Ted Messner, 1861 Red Fern Drive, 614-891-1197

Agnes Oladejo-Lawal, 6366 Faircrest Rd., 614-726-0178  (4th of July Parade)

John Osmond, 6083 Darby Lane, 614-901-9174

Char Schneider, 6450 Skywae Drive,614-882-6224

Marie Wallick, 1795 Laylon Dr. 614-259-1684

Rhonda Welker, 6334 Birkewood St. 614-865-0430

Tom Wetterer, 6090 Sandgate Road, 614-882-1714

Pat Wood, 1706 Parkgate Road, 614-406-4829   (Block Watch/Code Issues/Development back up, & Web Site)

Gatepost Editors:

Barbara Bright        –  (also SWCA Facebook host)

Ann Keane

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