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Update 6283 Skywae

I understand we are all getting tired of looking at all the trash in front of this house.  I have talked with our Asst. City prosecutor ,Bill Sperlazza ,and he has give me the following information.  At one point I was told the family attorney was to take charge, however that may no longer be the case.  I keep asking and pushing so please bear with the process.

“We have filed a civil case against the property based on its condition.  As of now nobody has reached out to me and nobody has shown up in court.  We are using every rout possible to achieve service; including service by publication which means putting it in the newspaper!

Once service is achieved we will pursue everyone involved and try to force compliance.  If they do not fix it up, we will try to eventually remedy the issue ourselves and foreclose on the property.

It’s a long and slow process, but we are trying the best we can.  Its high on my radar.”

Parks & Recreation Summer Camp Info.

Summer Camp Registration:
a. Thursday, March 15 at 7 pm –Outdoor Education Camps
Registration for Outdoor Education Camps (Indian Village, Camp Terra, Indian Village Preschool and Camp Walnut) will begin. Indian Village will be open on Thursday evening from 7-9 pm but will not be open on Saturday.

b. Saturday, March 17 at 10 am – Recreation Center Camps
Registration for Center Camps (Barnett, Buckeye, Far East, Lazelle, Whetstone and Woodward), Horseback Riding, Camp Public Health, Police and Fire Exploration, Sports Camps (Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Strength & Conditioning, Tennis and Track), Arts Camps (Great Art Getaway, Dance, Lights, Camera…Camp and Teen Clay Academy), Therapeutic Camps and Discover Boating.

Register online beginning at 10 am or at Community Centers from 10 am-2 pm.

Registration is done online at; click the link Registration and Reservations; and at community centers.

To view the Guide to Summer Fun, please visit the website The guide contains a complete listing of camps and registration information (pages 13-28).

Take a minute to update your information (email, phone numbers and address) on the Activenet registration site. Don’t forget to update the email address associated with your child. Important camp information will be sent to this email.

Recreation Administration
1111 E. Broad
Columbus, OH, US

Cleveland Ave. & Schrock Rd Improvement

Cleveland Avenue and Schrock Road Improvements

Cleveland Avenue between I-270 and Schrock Road will have intermittent lane closures for an expansion project.

The project will make the following improvements:

  • Additional northbound and southbound lanes along Cleveland Avenue
  • Additional eastbound lanes on Schrock Road to provide dual left and dual right turn lanes onto Cleveland Avenue
  • Installing new sidewalk on the north side of Schrock Road between Schrock Hill Court and Cleveland Avenue
  • Extending the multi-use path on th east side of Cleveland Avenue from I-270 north to JP Morgan Chase & Co. signal with connections to Sharon Woods Metro Park and Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s
  • Improving streen lighting and utilities

Completion: December 2018  Click on link below to see the map of changes.

For more information:

This will be great having designated  right turn lanes from Cleveland Ave. South to Schrock West & Schrock East to Cleveland South onto 270

Barking Dogs – NOT a 9-1-1 Call (From 10TV)



COLUMBUS- Police in Columbus say if you want to complain about your neighbor’s barking dog, don’t call 9-1-1.

“It’s a filler run, it takes our time from doing other things that are more important,” says Officer Scott Clinger who patrols the Precinct 18 on the north end of Columbus.

Clinger along with other Community Liaison Officers say barking dog complaints are getting out of hand. And as the weather turns warmer, the complaints start to pick up, especially in the month of March.

Based on numbers provided by Columbus Police, the number of animal complaints averages as high as nearly 10 calls a day.


Clinger says each of those calls takes time away from what officers feel could be more priority ones compared to a noise complaint.

“Cars get broken into, garages get broken into… everything you can imagine happen will happen during that time,” explains Officer Clinger. “We’re not able to do much about it because we’re taking a report off something that we really can’t do anything about.”

To reduce calls for service related to animal complaints, Columbus Police along with City Attorney Zach Klein’s office are putting out a “how-to” guide on what to do insteadof calling 9-1-1.


The problem of excessive dog barking has been a long unaddressed issue. The Columbus City Prosecutor’s Office, under the leadership of City Attorney Zach Klein, is committed to addressing this quality of life issue.

The first action to take when dealing with a barking dog problem is to contact Chief of Staff Bill Hedrick at (614) 645-8874. Mr. Hedrick or a member of the staff, will assist you with other dog issues.

Excessive dog barking solutions may include the following:

1. A noisy animal warning letter can be mailed to the address where the dog in question resides. We do not disclose the identity of the person who has called our office to complain about the noisy animal. A vast majority of barking dog issues are resolved at this step.

2. Mediation can be scheduled in our office to allow the parties to discuss the matter. Our Night Prosecutor Mediation Program has a long history of successfully handling this type of neighborhood problem.

3. If the problem persists despite a warning letter and mediation, prosecution exists as a final option. Noisy Animals is a minor misdemeanor under the Columbus City Code and a violation is punishable by a fine of up to $150. To prosecute this offense, our office requires the following types of evidence:

A. The barking must happen within the city limits of Columbus. You must also provide the dog owner’s name. If the owner’s name is not available, our Intake Unit can attempt to acquire the information.

B. To prosecute a case, you must provide exact dates and times the barking has taken place. Simply stating “the dog barks every day” is NOT sufficient evidence to file a criminal charge. The evidence you submit should also include one or two other households in the area that will confirm the dates and times the barking occurred. Video and/or audio tape recordings of the barking are also very helpful. Generally, 20 minutes or more of audio demonstrating continuous barking is needed to create a strong case.

Please note: Dogs will bark. Unless the barking is excessive, it is NOT considered criminal. Be advised that in order to pursue a criminal charge (as explained in #3 above), you will need to file a complaint through the Intake Unit at the Columbus City Prosecutor’s Office, 375 South High Street, 7th Floor. If charges are approved, you may be required to appear in court several times.

Beechcroft Lions Club Easter Breakfast & SWCA Easter Egg Hunt

Bring yourselves, your children and grandchildren, neighbors and friends and enjoy pancakes (all you can eat), sausage, orange juice, milk and coffee.

Free vision screening for children will be done during the breakfast – see below for more details.

Proceeds will Help the Beechcroft Lions Help the Blind

The Easter Egg Hunt is 10:00 and the Easter Bunny will be there of course!

Thanks and see you there.


Looking for Support for National Night Out 2018

We are in the process of putting together Sharon Woods’ National Night Out 2018, to be held Tuesday, August 7th.   Once more plans are confirmed we will keep you posted.

  1.  We are looking for a company or companies to help financially to purchase blue light bulbs to be distributed to our residents at the 2018 NNO.
  2.  We are also looking for financial support to purchase or make bandanas for dogs to give to owners and ask them to be a part of a dog walker watch. We hope to start this in April or May.

According to the Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA, there are over seventy five million dog owners across the nation. That’s dozens, if not hundreds, of neighbors walking their dogs throughout the community at all times of the day, all days of the week, in all weather conditions.   Dog Walker Watch encourages these neighbors to assist local law enforcement with the concept of “see something, say something”. They are extra eyes and ears while out walking their dog. The program enhances the partnership between police and the community while providing resources for neighbors to be more aware and how to effectively observe and report suspicious activity.

If anyone has or knows of a company that could help, please get in touch with Pat Wood, 614-406-4829 or

Thank you.

Beechcroft High School Threat

This has been confirmed but the schools are taking the necessary steps, as are other schools across the country, with additional officers on site in addition to the resource officers.

The article below is from Channel 10’s web site.

Police identify, charge suspect in Beechcroft High School threat


COLUMBUS — An 18-year-old student was arrested Sunday night after a social media threat was made against Beechcroft High School, according to Columbus police.

Police said the student, identified as Deandre Davon Fleming, 18, has been charged with inducing panic, a second-degree felony.

On Friday, the threat was discovered on social media at about 1:15 p.m. and indicated there would be an attack at the school on Monday.

The investigation was done by the Columbus Division of Police Counter Terrorism Unit, High School Resource Unit, and Ohio Bureau of Investigations Cyber Crimes Unit. Assistance also was provided by the Statewide Terrorism Analysis and Crime Center (STACC), Ohio Homeland Security Threat Assessment and Prevention Unit (TAP) and OSP Intel Unit.

The investigation resulted in probable cause to obtain a search warrant for the student’s home. The search warrant was executed by the Columbus Division of Police Counter Terrorism Unit and BCI with the assistance of the Columbus Division of Police SWAT Team on Sunday.

Detectives collected evidence of the crime and arrested Fleming.

The investigation continues.