Update 6283 Skywae

I understand we are all getting tired of looking at all the trash in front of this house.  I have talked with our Asst. City prosecutor ,Bill Sperlazza ,and he has give me the following information.  At one point I was told the family attorney was to take charge, however that may no longer be the case.  I keep asking and pushing so please bear with the process.

“We have filed a civil case against the property based on its condition.  As of now nobody has reached out to me and nobody has shown up in court.  We are using every rout possible to achieve service; including service by publication which means putting it in the newspaper!

Once service is achieved we will pursue everyone involved and try to force compliance.  If they do not fix it up, we will try to eventually remedy the issue ourselves and foreclose on the property.

It’s a long and slow process, but we are trying the best we can.  Its high on my radar.”

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